Blue Sapphire Consultants: The Ultimate Answer to Immigration Services

Blue Sapphire Consultants is a popular and reputed ‘Immigration Services Company.’ We are a client-centric company and go to any length to fulfill the requirements of our clients. We do not charge exorbitantly and have a fair pricing system. We are transparent in our dealings with our customers and answer queries promptly. We treat our clients with respect and keep all information confidential.

Our goal is to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our services. Our team of sincere, dedicated and proficient advisers and counselors offer top-grade service to our clients and students. We follow a code of ethics and keep all information of our clients confidential. We take into consideration the decision of our clients that are in accordance with the law, objectives and professional rules.

Services We Provide:

  • The “Federal Skilled Worker program” that we offer, provides you with the visa so that you can live and work anywhere in Canada based on the ‘Permanent Resident Status’ which is given on the basis of education, work experience and various other factors. The candidate’s applications eligible for FSWP program, are now processed through the ‘Express Entry Selection System’ for the purpose of immigration to Canada.

  • The “Federal Skilled Trades Program” that we offer is applicable for those workers who want to settle as permanent residents in Canada based on training on a particular skilled trade.

  • The “Provincial Nomination Program” allows provinces to choose individuals to settle and immigrate in a specific Canadian province. The various Canadian territory and provinces have their distinctive ‘Provincial Nomination Programs.’

  • We offer effective counseling in business immigration to international entertainers, artists and multinational shoppers.

  • We help the students in visa application processing and for getting admission in the colleges in Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, etc.

Thus, an ethical rule of conduct, expertise, sincerity and a dedicated team of advisers and counselors make our company, Blue Sapphire Consultants, a sought after immigration services company and the positive Blue Sapphire Consultants reviews that we have received from our clients over the years reflect that.


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